Sunday, November 23, 2014

Waiting for the white pigeon--
Suddenly you're the old man
In the corner booth
The type you looked at
When you were young
The world is tilting
You're dizzy when you punch
Fear of fear
Despairing at despair
Ensnared in the black magic
Of the mind
Shocked at seeing how deep it goes
Like the face of Michelangelo's
Doomed man
Stunned with one hand covering an eye
Betokening the abyss
Then seeing your face in the mirror
Of the corner booth
Recoiling, praying,
Alone, waiting for the bird
To descend

1 comment:

  1. "I am the One who runs the world. You're here to prepare for Heaven. You cannot make it to the Great Beyond on your own."

    ...and I, as a sinfull mortal, help in this symbiotic relationship: take part in this glorious, Christmas gift of this wonderFULL, Heavenly Kingdom. God bless you with discernment.